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Main and performing project of the divorce of natural gas, electricity and public lighting for the settlement Špansko - Oranice

Installation of disabled platforms in the sub-corridor connecting Settlements Siget and Zagrebačka Fair on Dubrovnik Avenue

Functional testing of butane and propane tanks Performance documentation of the installation for the reuse of discharged water from cooling towers

A study on moving the equipment of the ELKA plant to another location.




 New product

The extremely small and high-performance gheaz actuator by Fahlke is an integral part of the world’s most modern actuator series for valve automation. The gheaz actuator can be fitted to each valve it has a variable torque and is explosion-proof. Due its extraordinarily compact size it is perfectly suited to smaller valves (butterfly/ball valves), to which it can be adapted quicly and easily.


 New product

Fisher 133 Series direct-operated regulators are ideal for industrial and commercial applications supplying gas to furnaces, burners, and other appliances. A balancing system enables the regulator to control gas pressure accurately for maximum combustion efficiency despite varying inlet pressures.


 New product

1805 Series relief valves are designed for use in farm tap applications where a relief valve is needed between the first-stage and second-stage regulators.1805 Series relief valves are suitable for natural gas,air, propane, or any medium compatible with the internal valve parts.Relief pressures range from 5 to 125 psig / 0,34 to 8,6 bar. Maximum pressure, including buildup, is 150 psig / 10,3 bar


 New product

Fisher 289 Series relief valves are spring-loaded throttling relief valves used as downstream pressure regulators to protect the system from overpressure. A smooth throttling action minimizes pressure surges in the system during relief operation.


 New product

Fisher 299H Series pilot operated pressure reducing regulators provide controlled pressure and capacities for distribution, industrial and commercial applications with inlet pressures up to 175 psi/12.1 bar. 299HS with Type VSX2 and 299HV with Type VSX8 are used in applications where the gas supply must be shutoff.


 New product

Fisher 61 Series pilots are used with Types 1098-EGR and EZL regulators, and their counterparts are used with 99 Series regulators and are available in a variety of styles – low pressure (L), low pressure and wide proportional band (LE), low pressure and narrow proportional band (LD), high pressure (H), and extra-high pressure (HP).


 New product

Fisher 627 Series direct-operated pressure reducing regulators are for low and high-pressure systems. These regulators can be used with natural gas, air or a variety of other gases. Performance characteristics vary according to construction.


 New product

Fisher 6350 or 6360 Series pilots are used with one of several different main valves in pressure reducing, pressure relief, or backpressure applications. All of these pilots can be used in gas service, all except the Type 6351 pilot can be used in liquid service.

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