Maksimir Stadium


The existing warm-water boiler room of the stadium “Maksimir capacity » 3.4 MW (90/70oC) does not meet the needs of new consumers and is required to reconstruct.

New boilers will be installed in the space of the existing boiler room 110/70 oC (2 x 3 MW and 1 x 1.2MW), circulation pumps, bus, expansion and softening devices and collector.

The total power of the new boiler room will be 7.2 MW, which meets the total heat load of the stadium “Maksimir”.

Although the boiler room is gas on all boilers, combined burners (light fuel oil – natural gas) are installed.

Each boiler is connected to its own chimney and ends at a height of 33 m.

The boiler room ventilation is natural.

Regular checks, inspections, controls with proper use, controls and periodic maintenance of equipment is approximately 20 years.

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