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Conceptually solution of lp for LPD storage (V ≤ 5 m3)

Main and performance project of the main water supply pipeline Aleja Bologna - Handcuff

Development of functional scheme and operating instructions for Maksimir Stadium



TECHNICAL DATA: Reconstruction of the existing waste pit Jaundice included: - Construction of a new reception concrete pit for liquid waste - Construction of a new pit for solid solid Waste - Reconstruction of the heating and pumping system the existing shipment of the pane - Design of the vehicle wash plateau with a catchment liquid waste pit - The solution of heating water for washing vehicles and pumps for that water - Pipelines connecting new pits with existing shafts Time je jama osposobljena za prihvat tekućeg otpada s područja Ivanić Grada i Žutica. The Main and Performance Project was built and the building was built.

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