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TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: The new location of the Ministry of Justice and The Square of Justice, is located in the area of the former barracks, and borders the Selski Road, Baron Filipovic's Driveway and Cankareva Street. The DN 150 junction is connected to the existing main steamer DN 300 in pane No. 1, located in a green belt on the south side of Baron Filipovic's driveway. Under the roads (Access to Baron Filipović and Selska cesta) steam is led through the anti-security pipes DN 350. The steam is led in the classic concrete channel to the new pane No. 2 in the former barracks. The shaft is installed in the DN 65 detachment in the north direction. Connection pane No. 3 and No. 4 are scheduled for the installation of future drains to the thermal substations of existing buildings during their renovation. In pane No. 5, installs a condensed scolp, and the pane predicts a typed condensate bus. When performing the steam-operated connection for object "B", the condensate drainage will be taken to the heat substation in a condensate relief vessel. From pane No. 5 to the room of the heat substation is run steamwater DN 40. Izvan prometnice parovod DN 150 se polože u betonski kanal svijetlih dimenzija 500 x 400 mm, a parovodi DN 65, DN 50 i DN 40 su položeni u betonski kanalu 400 x 300 mm. The total length of the new junction DN 150 is 204 m and the connection is 292 m. For the construction of steam water, seamless steel pipes NP 2.5 MPa, made of material Č.1212, according to HRN C.B5.221 with the test. Pipe arches are made of the same material as pipes, with dimensions according to HRN M.B6.821 for R = 1,5 d. As an insulating material, mineral wool in pillows, in aluminium sheet wraps, with the thermal conductivity coefficient of lamda = 0.047 W/m°K is selected. Corrosion protection is provided by coating with two layers of temperature-resistant coating up to 250 C.

Modifications and additions to the Performance Project of the Maksimir Stadium Gas Boiler Room

Conceptually solution of lp for LPD storage (V ≤ 5 m3)

Main and performance project of the main water supply pipeline Aleja Bologna - Handcuff

Development of functional scheme and operating instructions for Maksimir Stadium



TECHNICAL DATA: Reconstruction of the existing waste pit Jaundice included: - Construction of a new reception concrete pit for liquid waste - Construction of a new pit for solid solid Waste - Reconstruction of the heating and pumping system the existing shipment of the pane - Design of the vehicle wash plateau with a catchment liquid waste pit - The solution of heating water for washing vehicles and pumps for that water - Pipelines connecting new pits with existing shafts Time je jama osposobljena za prihvat tekućeg otpada s područja Ivanić Grada i Žutica. The Main and Performance Project was built and the building was built.

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