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Performance engineering project for pumping station GRGURICA

Main project of the development of the main STP gas pipeline DN 400/50 Zagreb Jug – Velika Gorica Main project of the development of the main STP gas pipeline DN 500/50 Zagreb West - East Main project of the development of the main VTP pipeline DN 200 Zagreb Zapad - East

Production of documentation of the derived state of the spring connection and accompanying engineering services for the construction Magazinska 69, Zagreb

TECHNICAL DATA: In the route of the displacement of State Road D 507 sections of Krapinske Toplice – Čret as well as connecting roads of drains that are intended for reconstruction there are installations of water supply pipelines that remain inaccessible or damage to the intended procedures. The project foresees: - the existing water supply pipeline PVC DN 140 replaces with PVC pipe d 160 and protection protective pipe d 250, and the length of the operation is 28 m; - the existing water supply pipeline PVC DN 140 is replaced by PE pipes d 160 and the length of the operation is 280 m, - the existing water supply pipeline AC DN 100 is replaced by PE pipes d 110 and the length of the procedure is 27 m; - The existing water supply pipeline AC DN 100 is replaced by PE pipes d 110 and the length of the procedure is 255 m.

TECHNICAL DATA: The existing warm-water boiler room of the stadium "Maksimir capacity » 3.4 MW (90/70oC) does not meet the needs of new consumers and is required to reconstruct. New boilers will be installed in the space of the existing boiler room 110/70 oC (2 x 3 MW and 1 x 1.2MW), circulation pumps, bus, expansion and softening devices and collector. The total power of the new boiler room will be 7.2 MW, which meets the total heat load of the stadium "Maksimir". Although the boiler room is gas on all boilers, combined burners (light fuel oil - natural gas) are installed. Each boiler is connected to its own chimney and ends at a height of 33 m. The boiler room ventilation is natural. Regular checks, inspections, controls with proper use, controls and periodic maintenance of equipment is approximately 20 years.

Expert report on water losses of the cooling circuit factory MESSER CROATIA GAS

TECHNICAL DATA: As part of the construction of the central wastewater treatment plant of the city of Zagreb, the landscaping and partial closure of the Main WasteWater Supply Channel of the city of Zagreb on the left bank of the Sava is also foreseen. To this end, the dodge of the existing Æ1000 mm pipeline has been projected. The transition over the future GOK is intended to be lifted into the power structure. The selected solution met the following conditions: - allow access to the water supply pipeline along the entire length for the need for possible procedures (repairs), - provide for all necessary pipeline insurance, - anticipate venting at the highest level Point - provide for thermal insulation according to the elaboration and freezing/heating of pipelines, - at the lowest points before and after the bridge provide shut-off chambers with discharges for sectional flaps. At the intersection with the railway track, the pipeline is protected by a steel pipe Æ 1200 mm. As it is a local industrial track, the protective pipe can be installed by cross. Securing the protective pipe will be performed with a concrete lining (MB 20) of a minimum thickness of 30 cm. Horizontal fractures on both sides of the GOK are designed for concrete strongholds. The project includes cathode protection, grounding and lightning defense. The total length of the mixed pipeline is 170 m.

Interior decoration of self-service in residential - commercial building in Popovači

TECHNICAL DATA: The æ4" (Æ114.3 x 5.56) for the transport of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG – a mixture of propane and butane) was built originally from Ivanic Grad (ETAN plant) to the then oki factory. Approximately 25 years ago, the product was extended from the existing connection on the eastern side of the FACTORY OKI (stationary 0 ± 00) to the INA – GAS warehouse (now PROPLIN) on Radnička cesta 216 (stationary 4 + 834,50). The product is buried in the ground at an average depth of 1.2 –1.6 m. At the point of intersection with the drainage channel (GOK) the product flows over the water face on a purpose-built pipe bridge 30.70 m long . The current point of passage of the existing GOK (pipe bridge) is abandoned and as a new support is used a concrete bridge designed for the needs of the steel water supply pipeline DN 1000. The product is laid in a trench 0.60 m wide on the planned sand base 10 cm thick. In a belt 5 m wide on one side of the pipeline (calculated from its axis) it is forbidden to plant plants whose roots grow deeper than 1 m i.e. for which it is necessary to process land deeper than 0.5 m. After the construction of the productovoda is prohibited in the belt 30 m wide (left and right of its axis) to build buildings intended for housing or living of people, regardless of the degree of safety of the built pipeline. The minimum instillation depth of the pipeline, measured from the upper edge of the pipe, shall be: - from the bottom of the drainage ditches of roads>1,00 m - from the bottom of regulated water flow troughs>1,00 m - from the top edge of the road>1.35 m - from the upper edge of the railway threshold>1.50 m - from the upper edge of the industrial track>1.00 m - from the bottom of unregulated water flow troughs>1.50 m The projected pipeline will be made from (according to physical and chemical properties) of the corresponding steel pipes. For protection against corrosion, pipes are factory pre-insulated with extruded polyethylene of PE 80 or PE 100. Steel pipes and fittings intended for installation in the designed pipeline must correspond to Croatian or foreign standards and standards: All fittings and shut-off organs as well as safety and control equipment are designed with rated pressure NP 40, i.e. class 300 according to the US ANSI standard. In places of horizontal or vertical route turns, factory-made pipe arches are required to be installed. Outside the ground, the pipes rely on steel consoles and fasten the side wall of the concrete bridge for the DN 1000 water pipeline. Oslonci su konsturirani tako da ne oštećuju izolaciju. Thermal insulation of the open pipeline is performed with mineral wool cushions in the protective mantle of Al-lim. The overhead part of the pipeline is electrically separated from the underground part and must be grounded. Before the pipeline is buried, the insulation damage to the pipeline must be tested with a high-voltage detector. The strength and tightness product is tested on the basis of the pressure test. Pressure test is carried out only when all parts of the pipeline are completed and connected, including preferably, and reconnected to existing pipelines, and when they are half-cluttered. To prevent damage to any future works and to facilitate the location of the pipeline, a polyethylenic warning strip will be installed before the pipeline is finally buried at a depth of 0.5 m below the boiler course. When putting the product into operation it is necessary to disable the formation of an explosive gas-air mixture. This is achieved by inserting inert gas (nitrogen) at the beginning of the newly built section in the direction of gas flow, in this case sectional armature SA-1. At the end of the proplin production, the air or inert gas is On the projected part of the pipeline there are overhead installations that need to be protected from atmospheric discharges and accumulation of static electricity. According to the conditions of Croatian Railways it is necessary to ground the protective pipe at the crossing under the electrified railway line Sesvete - Velika Gorica. The pipeline built according to this project and if properly maintained in which the continuous operation of cathode protection can have durability for 30 to 40 years. The total length of the mixed product DN 100 is L = 144 m.

Project of the derived state of the varnish in RAPID 2002. d.o.o. Virovitica

Performance project of exposition and protection of steam water DN 600

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